What we do ?

With the Internet advancements and technology improvements, integration of all electronic and wireless products to homes and small business is the need of the hour. We specialize in this integration as more and more devices have got crucial reliability on networks.

  • Distortion in TV signals?
    We can fix your new needs in having TV point outlet with antenna equipment in any of the rooms in your house.
  • Network error in accessing internet?
    Sit relaxed. Call Clear Reception team and get it resolved.
  • Want your new workplace fully connected and setup?
    We’ll have it running with all wireless functionalities upgraded and equipped.
  • Missing the live experience of the show going on in your absence?
    Try CR’s wide range of CCTV cameras and housings.
  • Need another device socket or phone installed?
    Our highly qualified staff will help out in whatever the problem you are facing.

Team Clear Reception is at your service…
Call us today for any problem related to device connections or fully connected home and business solutions.