Mobile Phone Antennas & Signal Booster in Darwin

With the rise in Wireless Internet, Next G is becoming more and more popular with customers. Unfortunately not everyone gets the same coverage as others. Some mobile phone aerials cut out, leading to a loss of connectivity with chat, email and other important functions & applications.

We are able to help with that problem. You can now purchase portable Next G mobile phone antennas that you can put on your desk or on your car, with the help of a patch lead or cradle you can connect directly into your mobile phone or USB device (providing they have an external connection socket). Take a look at the sections below for a sample of what we can provide here at Clear Reception. For more information, including current prices.

Our friendly team of highly qualified staff will visit your home and premises, take the time to listen carefully to your needs, and ensure that you get a great value for money- data cabling solution that meets your needs well into the future.

Need more information on what kind of cabling is required for the devices you wish to use? Ready to get your free no-obligation quote?

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